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Camp Freedom Ranch will be a healing oasis for wounded veterans who having served their country honorably and are suffering with PTSD, TBI, and/or chronic pain due to injuries sustained in-theater. While the core focus of Camp Freedom Ranch’s service is the healing of warriors living in the anguish of PTSD, TBI, and chronic pain, the Ranch will provide some services to warriors’ spouses/primary caregivers in order to strengthen their capacity to support their warriors in their efforts to heal. Additionally, Camp Freedom Ranch will allow for “passive” participation of medical practitioners whose specialties include PTSD, TBI, and chronic pain in a military population in order to give them a “break” from the day-to-day pressures of overwork, provide them with opportunities to see healing in action, and to share their experiences with their peers to mutually strengthen their skills.

The Ranch will offer transitional residential and rehabilitation/training services to wounded veterans, their spouses/primary caregivers, and medical professionals working with them or similar populations in other settings.
Using the REAP© model, professional staff will support participants in: RESTORING their self-confidence and sense of belonging to the community; EQUIPPING them with skills and tools to help them identify the challenges that may interfere with their return to life with family and friends; ASSISTING them in building a network of service providers to support them in leaving the battlefield behind; and PREPARING them with reasonable expectations about their return to civilian life and the skills to meet their expectations.

The ultimate goal is to equip participants with the strong personal skills that will enable them to leave the battlefield behind, grow beyond the need for the transitional life offered at Camp Freedom Ranch, and to manage re-entry into community life.

All services and activities offered at Camp Freedom Ranch will be provided at NO COST to the wounded veterans and their spouse/primary caregiver.


Left to care for their wounded veterans who are undiagnosed, untreated, or has poorly addressed needs, these invisible injuries that the families have not been prepared for can lead to our valiant warriors marital/family failure with such things as;

  • tremendous difficulty in obtaining and retaining a good job,
  • inability to rejoin community
  • inability to find satisfaction,
  • alcohol or drug addiction,
  • hopelessness, and
  • even suicide.

In addition to the direct impact on emotional intimacy, these injuries also signify an important, and usually unexpected, care-giving burden that is thrust upon the people who are most intimate with the warrior.

Furthermore, Caregivers are not equipped or trained for what affects of PTSD and TBI that they will be exposed to.

These people are their wives, children or significant other / Primary Caregiver who bears this burden, the more symptoms of PTSD/TBI a warrior displays, the greater the degree of effect on the spouses or primary care givers’ own psychological well-being.

As the quality of the relationship declines, the probability of divorce increases.

The impact of these consequences is hard to overstate, given the significance of healthy intimate relationships for well-being. Existing government services to support wounded veterans in coping with these invisible wounds of war fall far short of what is needed.

What is more is that there are NO services to provide aid to the spouses/primary caregivers of wounded veterans, which is vital to the longevity of success for the warrior and the relationship.

And, finally, the shortage of top quality medical personnel, services, and processes is depleting the already small pool of practitioners who are qualified to address these issues because of burnout and frustration.

This is why mental health healing is so important for our wounded veterans.



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