22 (Suicides a Day) – 4x (more Likely) – 90% (Divorce Rate)


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22/4/90… to many these numbers mean nothing… but to those who have born the burden of battle, returned home, and their loved ones these numbers present a stark reality that majority of Americans never hear about.

22/4/90… these numbers answers the questions that most benefactors or donors would ask like: “Why would you want to start a nonprofit business?” or, Why does your organization exist?”

When these questions are asked, it may be because many do not understand the conditions of our wounded veterans and their families / caregivers or how drastic the need is.

  • 22:     The Number of Veterans Who Commit Suicide EACH DAY; that is one Warrior every 65 minutes
  • 4:       The number of times MORE LIKELY it is for a Veteran with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to commit Suicide than for a Veteran without.
  • 90%: The percentage of marriages that will end in Divorce for Veterans with PTSD.
These are the facts and with the current state of financial affairs of our government, our veterans and families need our HELP now more than ever.


Camp Freedom Ranch is raising funds to launch its Holistic Alternative Residential Resiliency Transition (HARRT©) Retreat Pilot Program that will serve wounded veterans and their caregivers from all across the United States. Our service model begins with the Life Enrichment Resource Community (LERC©) Center in Alexandria Virginia, where we have started to provide holistic-integrative services to Veterans and their Caregivers.

Supporting us helps us show our Veterans and their Caregivers another way of life they thought was not possible.

The LERC© Center Mission:

  1. Raise awareness and promote self-care.
    • One clear finding that emerges from the literature is that a focus on skill building may be important at all stages of prevention. Reducing known risk factors, such as substance abuse and mental health problems, is often included as one aspect of integrated approaches.
  2. Identify those at high risk.
  3. Facilitate access to quality care.
    • Access to quality behavioral health care is an integral component of many suicide-prevention programs.
  4. Provide quality care.
    • The types of interventions with the strongest empirical support for effectively preventing suicide involve quality mental health treatment and specific interventions focused on preventing the likelihood of an individual completing suicide. The need to ensure quality of behavioral health services is a critical and often overlooked component of suicide prevention.


We envision the HARRT© and LERC© Center service models to be replicated to other states in the future.

With your help Camp Freedom Ranch will provide our wounded veterans with a safe and secure alternative and holistic service-based residential care facility that offers them and their family much needed transitional, rehabilitative, and respite care.

We will provide our guest veterans with the resources and tools necessary to make and sustain a successful transition to civilian life. We are a non-partisan organization whose sole focus is that of our warriors and their families and their ability to live a better, more fulfilled, and active life.

Your generous contributions will allow wounded veterans participating in our H.A.R.R.T. © Program to stay for FREE; it is in our founding documents that we provide this service for our wounded veterans.

Through the variety of services that Camp Freedom Ranch will offer, we seek to save the lives of those who have given so much already by stopping the unacceptably high endemic suicide rate for those who suffer with PTSD/TBI.

We will achieve this through our R.E.A.P.© model whereby our commitment is to Restore, Equip, Assist, & Prepare them to live an active, engaged, and fulfilled life of successes by helping them learn the new coping skills and techniques needed to adapt and adjust physically and mentally to the “New Normal.”

Additionally, we will work to make everyday activities easier at home, and design therapies, or hybrids thereof, that restore normal functioning in cognition and behavior to improve their ability to function at home and in society, in order that they may lead a more productive and interactive life within their community.

Funds collected today will help support the HARRT© and LERC© Pilot Program and land purchase for the future facility.


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Life After the Service

Life after Service for many Veterans is difficult.

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