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The spectrum of mental health care interventions that Camp Freedom Ranch seeks to implement are;

  1. Prevention first,
  2. Treatment second, and
  3. Rehabilitation third.
  • We are committed to helping our Warriors and Wounded Veterans who are suffering with PTSD and/or TBI, their Caregivers and families.

  • The Life Enrichment Resource Community (LERC©) outreach, education & awareness program we will provide Primary Prevention, Education, and Treatment. 
    • Our intent is to provide a non-hostile Warrior-2-Warrior Campfire environment to facilitate a honest and open conversation about overcoming PTSD/TBI whereby the Warriors‐in­‐Wellness Resiliency Initiative (WWRI) will provide them with the knowledge, resources, and screening tools they need to ensure a successful and sustainable transition.
    • The WWRI is a public education initiative that is conducted anonymously under the LERC© outreach, education, and awareness program.
    • To call attention to the prevalence of mental health disorders in our society;
    • To educate warriors, caregivers, friends, family, and the local community about
      • the signs of suicide and symptoms of mental health disorders,
      • the availability of effective treatments for mental health disorders; and
      • to connect those in need to the mental health care system.
    • How Are You Feeling? Take a Free Anonymous Screening Today!
      • The screening is informational and not diagnostic.
      • The screening score indicates only whether the responses to the questionnaire are consistent with symptoms of any of the following disorders:
        • depression,
        • generalized anxiety disorder
        • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or
        • bipolar disorder.


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